The code attached in the file performs a lookup based on a data card. Follow the steps below to get this to work:

1) Navigate to the Web Data Lookup area in the Eloqua Application and create a new data lookup. Ensure that the data lookup is of "Data Cards" Type. Also, ensure that the field selected for the data card field match is the data card unique field -- in this demo, the email address was used. 4-23-2013 2-00-51 PM.png



2) click save to create the data lookup. After that, click on data lookup options on the top right corner and choose "Get data lookup scripts"

3) Download the attached file and open it in an html editor -- do NOT right click and choose view source in a web browser window as this has shown to create issues.

4) Replace the code in section1 and section 2 in the file with the equivalent code that you got generated when you clicked on the option "Get data lookup scripts" . Note that nothing else needs to be replaced - keep everything in the file as is.

5) Ensure that you replace 'xxxx' with your siteid. The site-id can be found by looking at the integration details of any form -- in E9, or by viewing the html details of the form under the gear icon - in E10.

6) Your data lookup is ready to be tested.