In the Spring '13 release, Eloqua upgraded its SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to the latest version, which gives clients greater speed and stability on uploads. This new version does not allow for source files that are formatted incorrectly , where syncs that were previously running correctly are no longer successful, causing issues for many clients.

If you receive an error similar to the following, you need to fix the source file:

The column delimiter for column "<column name>" was not found

This error generally means that there is an extraneous column present for example, there is no value in the header row, but there is a value within one of the subsequent rows.


Column A

Column B


Text A

Text B

Text C



If this is a one time upload, please open it in a spreadsheet program and validate that there is no data past  the last column that has a header. If there is, remove it and resave the file. If there is not, delete ALL the columns past the last one, and resave the file. Then, try the upload again.

As a temporary measure, clients with recurring uploads that are formatted in this way have had the functionality rolled back to the earlier version to allow for correction of the source file. Over the next several months, we will be communicating with clients a timeframe of when they have been will be moved to the new system, to allow for changes to be made at the source.