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At this time, Eloqua has decided not to push the Content Embed functionality into production. We will no longer be making it available for new clients. For similar functionality, please see GetSmart content (http://topliners.eloqua.com/docs/DOC-4082) on the Eloqua AppCloud.

This article describes the Content Embed Widget (beta), how to configure it and how to obtain a script tag that you can embed anywhere in your web pages. The widget renders content from different Eloqua Landing Pages based on visitor data and can be shared across multiple pages.

What does it do?

The Content Embed widget lets marketers insert content from Eloqua Landing Pages inside their own HTML documents. To use it, just define the rules for your content and insert the script tag on any of your pages.


Getting Started

Login to cloudconnectors.eloqua.com and click on “Publish” | “Eloqua Content”





Requirements : The application is currently in Beta and users must request access to this feature. Please contact me or leave a comment here to request access.


Create Content

From the main menu, select “New Content”



Enter a name for your content and select “Eloqua” as the provider. Note that Eloqua is currently the only available source for content, but in the future, we may add 3rd party providers.



The width and height of the widget can be customized as well as the source Eloqua site for content.



Content Rules

Rules determine which Landing Page to display, based on the following criteria :

  • Contact data
  • Visitor data
  • Company data




Preview and Testing

Click “Preview” to see it in action or select “Test and Embed” to view it on a sample page.



Embed Script

The embed script is found under the "Test & Embed" tab and can be placed anywhere on your page to render the content.

Define your rules, pick your content and then copy and paste - easy as pie

The app is currently in beta and we’re hoping for feedback and comments from the community.