Now that you have paid a little attention to your sales counter parts and can recite their eye color… let’s look at another way to appeal to the human side of candles.pngrelationship building all while using Eloqua automation.


In a previous job, I worked at a financial services company that had several thousand employees. I spearheaded an initiative to email employees on their birthday to wish them a great day and tell them we were glad to have them on the team... It always amazed me how appreciative individuals were to be remembered. Thoughtfulness is a powerful way to build trust and a bond.


The first step is a bit of investigation. Find out birthdays for the folks in Sales or if you have a large Sales Team, start with the birthdays of those in Sales who you work with on a regular basis. If it is a small number of people all in one office, you could bring in cake or, for remote employees, an actual piece of snail mail is a nice touch. For a large enterprise Sales Teams or anyone who wants to "set it and forget it," you can set up a Birthday Campaign in Eloqua. This campaign triggers a celebratory email on the sales person’s big day. I don’t recommend advertising people’s birthdays because not everyone is appreciative of the attention to their age. However, a quiet email is enough to make someone feel remembered and appreciated.


This can easily be achieved using Custom Data Objects (CDOs).

  • Create a custom data object set called Sales Team Birthdays (or something like that)
  • Create a custom field for Birthday
    • Use the date/time formatBirthday Segment.png
    • Choose date output of MMMM, d (May, 9)
  • Upload the Sales Team and their birthdays as custom data objects within the Sales Team Birthdays data set and map to contact records
  • Build a Segment with a filter that locates individuals linked to this custom data object with Birthday dynamically equal to Today. This Segment will track down the right people.
  • Build a simple campaign with your Segment set to add members hourly until campaign is deactivated
  • Create a Birthday email and add to campaign canvas
  • Add a schedule to the email so that it triggers between 9 and 11 am … really you can pick any time, you just want to avoid having the birthday message go out right at midnight.


As always, test your campaign to make sure everything is functioning correctly. You will also need to periodically update the Sales Team data set to add new employees. You might want to add your own marketing teammates to the campaign... it doesn't hurt to extend some internal alignment as well!


So far, our human alignment mission has focused on face-to-face connections to notice eye color, as well as, tips to help you automatically remember birthdays. Next up, one more suggestions for how you can apply your mad, modern marketing skills to the human side of Sales & Marketing Alignment.