Understanding children is a challenge. As infants their only communication method is to cry. As toddlers they can begin to communicate with words, but often when communication efforts fail they revert to crying. As teens the communication gap only grows. With the evolution of slang and technology, communicating with the younger generations is still challenging and still results in tantrums. Of course, there are ways to ease this communication gap. As babies, my kids learned sign language. While I didn’t catch on to all of it, I did learn “more” and “please”. As kids age, we as parents work to better understand the slang and jargon used. Perhaps we listen to the music our kids listen to, or watch the same shows they do. It’s very much like learning a foreign language. A foreign language you must learn in order to survive, and when breaks in communication occur, so can breaks in relationships.

As marketers we hear repeatedly the importance of speaking the same language as your customers and prospects. This is absolutely true. But it’s very difficult to speak the language of customers when the language spoken between sales and marketing is so foreign that neither can communicate what needs to be communicated to the customer. I learned this first hand when evaluating the use of marketing content and sales tools.


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