I have been doing some research on the various Social Media options and ran across this blog which gives statistics for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Social Media Statistics 2013 – Facebook vs Twitter vs Pinterest


The blog post was posted in December of 2012 so many of you on top of things may have already seen this. One of the more interesting stats I saw from this post was that the average amount of time spent on the three different Social Media's. I thought that Facebook and Twitter would have been reversed. But that could be because I am more of a Facebook user than a Twitter user which correlates with the age statistics, but I am also one of those rare men who enjoy Pinterest.


Does anyone know where Google+ fits into this mix? Stats listed here show it has 343 million active users. This list shows all forms of Social Media including the likes of NetFlix, Etsy, and anywhere else you can think of.


Just thought I would share these incase anyone else is looking more deeply into Social Media options.