Noticing eye color and remembering birthdays is part of our human alignment project. The third human touch approach to Sales & Marketing Alignment should actually appeal to your nurturing side.


nurture plant.png

Do you nurture your Sales Team? You want them to use your campaigns, reference your content and follow-up on the MQLs you send their way. Why not open the lines of communication. Have you thought about building a newsletter specifically for your Sales Team? I am not suggesting a weekly communication that takes up your time to build. Nothing that formal or that frequent. Just an email that goes out quarterly or whenever there is enough good news to share. I am a big fan of Daniel Pink’s newsletter that has the tagline of “irregular and irreverent.” Pink waits until he has enough really good tidbits to share and then compiles an incredible newsletter. The sporadic nature makes it easier on you in Marketing and peaks Sales’ interest because it isn't a routine email.


This newsletter is not an email blast to be used as a megaphone for preaching the undying greatness of Marketing (though we do all know there is greatness to be had). Instead, include tidbits such as:

• New campaigns which may affect the overall sales cycle.

• Links to new pieces of content with pointers on how that content aligns with common obstacles in the sales cycle.

• Changes to lead scoring models.


Make it a point to gather stories from the sales and marketing teams:

• Big deals closed

• A new hire’s first closed deal

• Industry awards won

• People helping each other within sales or across teams

• Personal updates such as new family members or triathlon completion

These stories can be front and center.  When both teams start looking for ways to brag on each other, not only will you get more and more stories, but you will see dynamics start to shift.


You may read this and think, “No. Not my team. This is far too warm and fuzzy.” No problem. Take what you can and leave the rest. Perhaps you have already stopped by a sales teammate’s desk and asked about their weekend. Maybe you think a twice-a-year roundup email is a good starting place. Perhaps birthdays seems like a good fit for the personalities with which you work. Don’t forget you can use Eloqua for more than just your external marketing. Allow Eloqua to help you achieve both business and human alignment with sales.