Whether or not you’re the type of person that has found yourself attempting to ‘CTRL+F’ a paperback book we can all appreciate the shortcuts and advances that technology affords. Here is a mini guide for utilizing the process and saving features within the email and landing page editors of Eloqua.




The ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ options, which are accessible via the ‘gear action’ drop down, allow you to undo and/or redo previous edits. It is important to note, however, that these features are only functional between saves: if you save your progress you will no longer be able to undo edits prior to that last save. Feel free to also use the keyboard shortcuts for undo (CTRL +Z) and redo (CTRL +Y) in this work space!


Recovery Checkpoints


Recovery checkpoints, which are also accessible via the ‘gear action’ drop down, offer the ability to revert to previous versions of an email or landing page. With this feature a user can access up to 12 prior versions of the email or landing page they are editing.  Eloqua makes a copy of the asset automatically every ten minutes AND each time a user saves their progress.  It’s important to note that these copies are placed on the local hard drive of the computer being used, and so will only be accessible on that computer. Lastly, if you are planning on copying an asset and you open the original, make sure you ‘Save As’ right away, so as not to forget to do so and inadvertently allow the ‘Recovery Checkpoint’ feature to auto-save and overwrite changes on the original.

*This feature is not supported by all browsers.

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