Doing a little web surfing after vacation to slowly start getting my brain back into work mode, I found this whitepaper from BrainSell. The paper is designed to demonstrate to both small and medium sized organizations how to expand their businesses with effective inbound marketing techniques and marketing automation. To read their in depth paper click here. I think this paper will benefit those just looking to create a new automated marketing campaign. If you are new to automated marketing be sure to check it out. It can also be beneficial to those experienced with automated marketing by helping to remind you of the basics. Be helpful and educational, it shouldn't sound like a sales pitch. Be timely and customizable in your message and make sure that message is constant.


One tip I really found useful and find myself often forgetting to do. Repurpose your existing content.  It is so easy to overlook what you already have as you are always trying to find the next big thing to share. But a lot of what you already have is still relevant and timely and just needs to be repurposed. A few suggestions that are made in the ebook are:


  • Combine text from an old whitepaper with new videos to create a multimedia ebook.
  • Turn videos or webinars into blog posts and ebooks or vice versa.
  • Use commonly asked questions and comments from webinars to create a new ebook.

Share all company presentations in multiple formats. post the slides on slideshare, upload the video on youtube, and create a series of blog posts that dive into specific points of the presentation.

The ebook is worth a read if you have the time.