As Marketers we preach that content should:

• Get to the point

• Be short and sweet

• Use bullet points.

As the reader, I usually prefer blog posts and emails that I can quickly scan.


However, there are times content needs to be in long form in order to be useful. Think of some of your favorite Topliners posts. Some of them may require scrolling, but these pay off when you do a new ninja move in Eloqua.


How can we as Marketers use long form occasionally without annoying our mobile audience? Recently I came across a blog post that had a disclaimer directly under the title. It read something like this:

[Editor’s note: This blog post is over 5,000 words. You should not read this on a smartphone. Bookmark it and read it later.]

This author recognized that the post was not mobile friendly, but instead of shortening the post to the point where it would be useless, they wrote the disclaimer. I found this to be quite refreshing.


Long content cannot be fluff – there has to be a good reason behind the extra words.  Here is your new content mantra:

Be thorough, not just pithy.

What are your thoughts on how to incorporate longer content into your marketing strategy?