I am generally a Mac, guy but like anyone who makes a living dealing with databases and computers you have to use Windows more often than you want too. And my wife has always been a PC gal with no interest in learning anything about the Mac world until Windows 8 came out. I am actually lucky that the new PC laptop I bought her has not been chucked out the windows already. She has actually gotten pretty good at using my Mac over the past month or so. But with me working late and her taking classes trying to work off of my computer at night for the both of us really just was not working out. So I did a little searching tonight on her PC and found out that there is a large population of Windows 8 haters out there and I don't blame them. I just don’t see how this made sense to Microsoft to release but they did, and navigating through the obnoxious start screen and leaving off the start button which has always been there and made Windows relatively simply to navigate was crazy.


I just ran across a $5.00 program that gives you back your Start button and makes Windows 8 act like Windows again. My wife felt like she received a brand new computer tonight after I installed this little bit of software. She can now use her Windows machine again without becoming overly frustrated and down right mean as times. Best $5.00 I have ever spent.


If you too are struggling with Windows 8 and are forced to keep working on a PC rather than switching to a Mac. Check out this little bit of software:


Start 8 by Stardock.