When setting up your Eloqua cloud app, it is always a good idea to test it out to make sure all is working as expected before enabling it.  In order to help you do this, the cloud apps offer a set of tools. 

To access the tools, go into the setup screen for your app and click on the Test tab.




The Step Members tab will show you the counts of contacts in your step.  If your campaign is not activated, there will likely not be any members Awaiting Action.  If you do have members in one of the statuses, you can use the Action field to view the members or manually change their status.


The Clear Wrong Member Types button is used when the connector is trying to act on Contact records, but finds Accounts/Companies or Prospects in the step instead.


Next, let's look at the Run Manually tab.




The Run Manually tab will allow you to perform a Dry Run or a Full Run of your step.  A Dry Run will simulate a run, but will not actually write the data back to Eloqua.  A Full Run will perform a run of your connector, and actually update Eloqua with the results.  When you perform a run, a table will pop up upon completion to show you the results.  The table will provide information on any errors that occur so that you can make adjustments prior to enabling.


Next, there's the Sample Data tab.




Use the Sample Data tab if you wish to test your setup on select contacts.  Enter their email addresses, one per line, and click Test Contacts. (Note: these contacts must already exist in your instance).

If you check the Full Run box, the data will be written to Eloqua, if left unchecked, it will simulate the connector and show you the results.


To check the history of your step execution, click on the History tab.  Take note of any messages in the Error Log, and troubleshoot accordingly.




Some apps will also have an extra Tools tab that allows the retrieval of raw XML that can also be used to troubleshoot.




Now that you have tested your step, you should be all set to enable it and your data will being to flow into Eloqua.


If the app is enabled, and still not working correctly, use the Support tab for further troubleshooting tips.