Have you ever wanted to include two email address form fields, but found yourself helplessly stuck at an error message?


If you've seen this error message, you’re under the correct assumption that you can’t add the same contact field to a form twice. However, you CAN add two custom fields with the same label - or an additional custom field to partner a contact field - to a form, allowing you to have two email address fields to make a thing go right and make your form outta sight!


Here’s one way to configure a form with two email address form fields:

  1. Add the ‘email address’ contact field and configure appropriately.
  2. Add the ‘single line text’ custom field to serve as the second ‘email address’ field and configure appropriately.




To learn more about building forms in Eloqua, check out the Fundamentals of Forms & Landing Pages class!


*You must ensure that the HTML names of the email address fields are different since the HTML name is used to uniquely identify a field on a form.

**In order for the second email field to serve as validation that the email address entered in the first email form field is an exact match you would need to write a custom validation script.

***This post is dedicated to the incomparable Ryan Wheler-Oracle