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About the author Marc Foreman

I graduated from San Diego State University with an Information Systems Degree. Since that time I have spent most of my time in every possible role implementing and supporting ERP and CRM. My passion is training and my favorite role is that of an instructor. I really enjoy the customer relationship experience and seeing how I can educate and solve issues. I also love to travel, collaborate with teammates and push myself to accomplish goals.




How To Pass A Salesforce Certification Exam: Preparation

If you ask any professional athlete their formula for success they’ll tell you that it comes down to two things: preparation and gameday execution. You must first lay the foundation for success through preparation, and come game time, you have to bring it. Passing Salesforce certification exams is no different. As long as you prepare thoroughly and have a tactical approach on exam day, you’re sure to excel. In the first installment of this two part series, we’ll discuss the keys to preparing for any Salesforce exam.

A great source of guidance for passing an exam are the study guides provided by salesforce.com. You can find a guide for each exam and on the salesforce.com website at certification.salesforce.com. They provide the general structure of the exam, a breakdown of topics, the weighting of each question, tip sheets, and study guides.

Tip #1
If you look at the objectives in the salesforce.com study guides most of them start with Describe, Identify, orExplain. The clue here is that you really don’t need to know how something works as much as you need to know what the functionality is and where it would be used. In your studying, look for areas where there are tables of information that attempt to explain, describe, or identify key functionalities of the system.

Tip #2
Write your own questions and then answer them on paper or flash cards. The act of writing down the information and then reading it out loud allows you to internalize the information in multiple ways. If you are only reading the information, you are limiting yourself solely to visual input. However, if you write it, say it, and then put it in the form of a question & answer you are much more likely to recall it in an exam. In fact, recognizing the correct answer in an exam is much easier than answering a question directly.

Additionally, there are a number of practice exams you can find on the internet. They are very helpful in familiarizing yourself with the format and content of the exam, but be careful in trusting the answers.

After you’ve reviewed the available information on certification.salesforce.com and via internet search, what’s the next step to ensure success?

Tip #3
Enrolling in a Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Developer course is the final step to being prepared to ace your Salesforce certification. There are many benefits to an in-person or online courses. Until now, we’ve touched on only independent studying tactics, it’s crucial to also discuss and learn Salesforce with a network of people.

With Bluewolf’s Training Courses:

  • Gain the ability to work with an certified expert instructor
  • Work with others to grasp complex Salesforce functionalities, gaining the ability to talk through difficult components
  • Go in-depth on each part of the exam, leaving no topic unturned

These courses will cover all relevant topics in multiple formats, through live demos, real use cases and personal quizzes/knowledge checks. Bluewolf provides a differentiated experience through our expert teachers, cost-effective value (40% below market value), and 1:1 post-course support. Take a look at our upcoming Salesforce courses.

Preparation is only half the battle. Stay tuned for the next and final installment of this blog, where we’ll cover the keys to executing on exam day.