What is the CVP.aspx file?  More importantly, how can I use it for more that what it was designed for?


Although I was never given a formal definition by the development team, nor have I ever seen the code of that aspx file, I've come to learn that the cvp.aspx file is just a bunch of instructions that logs a user into Eloqua and redirects to the URL provided on the link.


Here's what I mean:


A typical custom weblink to Eloqua, the same one you put on the CRM for things such as "Add a Contact" "Unsubscribe a contact" or "View Lead History"; looks like this.

8-14-2013 8-55-35 AM.jpg


Breaking that down into its components, it's like this.


8-14-2013 9-06-37 AM.jpg

With that, you can keep everything but the URL constant and access any part of the Eloqua application.




1.  Data Exports -- remember how annoying it is to setup a SFTP to have the Eloqua Data export module target?  With a CVP.aspx link, you can actually just grab that Eloqua generated report URL from the Data Export module and plug it in as the value of URL in the cvp.aspx weblink.  Imagine, you can have an API/webservice using that cvp.aspx link and it automatically accesses the report from Eloqua and uploads it into your external database!


8-14-2013 9-16-17 AM.jpg


2.  Prospect Profiler --- I'll just leave this here

8-14-2013 9-23-51 AM.jpg


3.  Pop-up reports... Any pop-up report you can get in Eloqua that has its unique URL.

8-14-2013 9-58-44 AM.jpg


Of course, access to parts of Eloqua are still determined by what security group you have the weblink user has.

I'm pretty sure there's a lot more applications with this so I leave it to you to come up with more.



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