Just about to postal here Why is pdf document tracking so infernally hard or am I just missing something?


Documents are at the center of any effective nurturing campaign and their handling and tracking should be as simple as tracking, filtering and scoring forms or emails. I know I have ranted about this before, but nothing seems to happen to this handicap the size of Mount Everest.


If I want to create campaign filter step that checks if contact has downloaded a document I have to:

1. Upload the document

2. Create a link on a landing page or email

3. Select 'File in File storage'

4. Find the document and select it

5. Select 'Webpage'

6. Select redirect and save

7. Go and click the links on the landing page or email.

8. Go to Setup -> Tracking ->Update sitemap

9. Go to Setup -> Page tagging -> New tag -> Scrolll around a huge sitemap info to find a document somewhere in http://img.en25.com and save the tag

10. Go to Segmenting and create a contact filter with Visited Page Tag -rule

11. Find the tag and save the segment.

12. Make the filter public.

13. Go to the campaign, drag a Shared Filter Member and choose the tag.

14. Repeat for all the documents.

And there you go. All this just for you to track document downloads. If there is an easier way, I haven't found one.

Please somebody tell us that something is being done about this