I have been enjoying this discussion thread about whether to moderate a corporate blog... I believe moderation is essential for creating a unified, corporate blog voice (I like to think it sounds like Morgan Freeman). However, I am intrigued by the idea of crowd sourcing content. I was just reading about BlogSync which is actually specifically for education and teachers. Here is how it works:


  1. Every month a topic is decided by BlogSync
  2. Bloggers “sign up” to write on this topic by the deadline
  3. Everyone blogging as part of that month’s #blogsync advertises the links to each others entries
  4. The BlogSync site acts as a co-ordinating hub, advertising the topics and the blogs written under each month’s heading.


The idea being... there is a lot of teacher brilliance out there, why not coordinate it so that ideas can build off of each other rather than growing and percolating in silos. I don't think this method would work as the content source for the main corporate blog. However, a really cool concept for coordinating customer, partner or thought leaders so that they are all talking about the same idea at the same time. Thus, creating an exchange of ideas, that, while not spontaneous to begin with, can morph into the realm of the spontaneously awesome (a business term).


What are your thoughts or experiences with crowd sourcing and coordinating multiple voices?