There is a great step-by-step post for finding the Shared List Asset ID using Program Builder. However, while teaching at EE13 todd.sprinkel opened my eyes to an easier way to locate the IDs for Shared Lists.


Asset IDs can be handy. Here are just two scenarios where you might crave the Asset ID.

  1. Talking to support about a particular asset. It isn't always easy on a phone call to relay a long asset name (since you are all using superb naming conventions I do know asset names can be extended).
  2. Also Asset IDs are needed in E10 if you want to use the processing step configuration to trigger based on picklist. For example, you want to add form submitters to the correct Shared List based on their lead source. You can capture lead source on the form and then use a picklist to match their lead source to the Shared List you wish to add them to. However, you need the Asset ID to do this.

Locating Shared List Asset ID:

  1. Navigate to a Shared List (Contacts > Shared Library > Shared Lists)
  2. Open the Shared List
  3. Go to the Action Gear drop down in the upper left
  4. Click on Run Deduplication  or Run Update Rule
  5. shared list menu.png
  6. Look at that pop-up window url (You will see something like:
  7. The ID is the number that comes after ContactInfoID… so In the example above … 57
  8. You can close the pop-up as soon as you have looked at the url.


Side note: Campaigns, landing pages and emails all have the campaign ID in the URL at the top of the editor screen. Super easy. You just navigate to that asset inside of Eloqua and check out the url in the address bar when you arrive.

Locating other Asset IDs (such as Campaign)

  1. You navigate to a campaign canvas
  2. The url appears in the address bar as
  3. Therefore, this Campaign Canvas ID is 239