On April 11th 2014, LinkedIn introduced changes to their API. Something that used to be optional will start being required.

To read more about it, see this post by LinkedIn.


Who this affects:
If you are actively using the LinkedIn Social Sign on app AND you have created your own "custom app" (instructions here), you might need to make a change to the configuration in order for the app to continue functioning.


Who is not affected:

This does not affect clients who are using other LinkedIn apps (such as sharing), clients who are using other social sign on apps (such as facebook and twitter) or clients who are using the LinkedIn social sign on with the standard, Eloqua app.


To validate IF you are affected, navigate to the LinkedIn social signon app via this link:


You will see a list of ALL instances of the app.

Click the "pencil" arrow beside the app to edit it

Under "LinkedIn App to Use", if you have selected "Define a Custom Linkedin App", this will potentially affect you:


Make a note of the value in the field "LinkedIn API key". You might need it later.


To Update LinkedIn:

To correct the issue, login to the LinkedIn developer portal:



If you see several apps, find the app that contains the same "LinkedIn API key" that you noted earlier. To find the key, click on the title of the app. Scroll halfway down to the section named "OAuth Keys" and look at the value int the field "API Key".


If there are no apps that have that API Key, most likely the Social Sign On app was created by someone else. In that case, please follow these instructions to create a new LinkedIn app. You will need to update each instance of the Eloqua Component with the new App Key and Secret.


Once you have found the correct app, copy the following value into your clipboard:


*NOTE* - This is case sensitive. Make sure you input it EXACTLY as it is above


Paste that value into the field "OAuth 2.0 Redirect URLs":


Click save.


It is recommended that you validate the Social Sign On app to ensure it's working correctly.