Thank you Riley La-Oracle for developing these instructions.


In case you haven't figured it out by now, when you set up a blind form link using the basic instructions, clicks on these links do not count towards your click metrics in reporting. And if you try to enable link tracking using the checkbox or elqTrack=true, then your blind form submit breaks.


Lucky for you, there is a solution! Below I'll break down how to make sure that your blind form submit links are tracked. This article assumes that you've already followed the instructions on setting up the basic blind form link: Blind Form Submit Links: Complete and Submit Forms with a Single Click


Now that you have your blind form submit link, you'll need to do a little copy pasting.


1. Take the whole link, just before the email address field merge, and copy that.

     Before:<span                               class=eloquaemail>EmailAddress</span>&TrackedField=StaticValue

     Copied Link After:

     Save for Later: &emailAddress=<span class=eloquaemail>EmailAddress</span>&TrackedField=StaticValue

2. In Eloqua 10, navigate to Setup > Redirect Links and click on New URL in the bottom right hand corner.

3. Copy the link above into the Redirect URL box and hit Save and Close.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 9.03.09 AM.png

4. Find your newly created link from the list of redirect links. (Hint: go to the end of the list!)

5. Copy the Link Format -- the one that ends with &lid= (this stands for Link ID, by the way).



6. Now copy back in the original field mergers.


     Field Merges: &emailAddress=<span class=eloquaemail>EmailAddress</span>&TrackedField=StaticValue

     Copied Link After:<span class=eloquaemail>EmailAddress</span>&TrackedField=StaticValue

7. Use the newly created link in your emails<span class=eloquaemail>EmailAddress</span>&TrackedField=StaticValue

8. TEST! <-- Don't forget!

     ^Do that!