Nope, those aren't the lyrics to a new Kanye/Daft Punk song, these are advanced segmentation techniques to dial your segmentation up to 11! Here's a quick run-down:


Merge: With a merge of two lists you can combine the data from both lists and Eloqua will account for any de-duplication.

Let’s say we’ve got two lists:

  • List 1 contains a man named Mike Brady, his three boys (Greg, Peter, and Bobby), and their housekeeper, Alice:

Mike and sons.png

  • List 2 contains a lovely lady named Carol Martin, her very lovely girls (Marcia, Jan, and Cindy), and the same housekeeper, Alice:

Carol and daughters.png

If we do a Merge of these two lists (by selecting both and then right-clicking), Eloqua will combine all of the contacts in the group, de-duplicating Alice’s contact record:


Intersect: An Intersect of two lists will reveal any overlapping contacts, so if we did an Intersect of the same two lists we would see a list only containing Alice, the one contact present in both original lists:


Trim: A trim will remove any overlapping contacts, so when trimming from Mike’s list, we’d see just Mike and his three boys:

trim 1.png

While when trimming from Carol’s list, we’d see just Carol and her lovely girls:


For more advanced segmentation techniques check out the Oracle University - CX Marketing Education class Advanced Segmentation!