There's a lot of great info on Topliners about how to execute A/B tests using either the Campaign Canvas or Program Builder. So what should you be testing? There are the obvious choices: subject lines and CTA. But there are more!


Use this list below for more ideas on possible email features to test.


Best practices:

  • Test only one email feature at a time to accurately read results.
  • Keep a record of your testing and share it with others in your organization.


Buttons: color, size, text

Call to Action (CTA): location, copy, color, navigation path

Color: background, header, footer, text, buttons

Copy: text font, text length, text order, subject line, CTA

Design: total redesign, clean vs. clutter, images vs. icons

Form Elements: number of fields, size, copy, location


Funnel: tie-in vs. independent from other parts of the funnel

Images: size, placement, clickable vs. not clickable, images vs. icons

Navigation: click path, conversion path, multiple landing pages vs. one

Offer: type, price, copy, location, size

Personalization: location, name vs. more details

Search Box

Social Share: placement, choices, default copy

Subject Line: personalization, copy, humor, offer

Testimonials: included vs. not included


Video: size, placement, clickable vs. not clickable


More resources (must join or be a member of the Eloqua Insiders group to access):


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Please comment below if you have more ideas!


Happy testing.