Often for territory routing it’s necessary to determine what country a contact is from. Of course you can always ask them on a form, but this uses up a valuable field, and as Dr. House on TV has taught us, “people lie”, especially on forms!


Note that this article is about determining the country a contact is located in, not an Account (which is a lot easier)!


Recently we came across a client who was determining contact country by email domain suffix. However, an email domain suffix or even the registered location of an email domain is a low quality basis on which to set a contact’s country in today’s multi-national conglomerate world. This is especially true for a company that sells a lot to large organizations.

As an example, consider 4Thought Marketing. We are a very small company, with people located in two different countries. But if somebody assumed a country from either our domain suffix or our domain registration location, they would have a 70% chance of being wrong!

So for large companies with multinational employees that centralize their email (like most do), the problem is thousands of times worse.

Here is another example. Should the 450,000 employees of Tata be assumed to work out of India or 120,000 Phillips employees be assumed to work out of the Netherlands? Do people from BP, GE, and Sony work in the UK, USA and Japan respectively?

Obviously there are better ways to determine a contact’s country. Here are seven different ways, generally ordered from most effective to least:


If you would like to read more:  https://4thoughtmarketing.com/dynamic-gated-form/?did=49


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