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I was looking where to find the ID of a Shared List in E10 and found the following two solutions:


How to get the ID of a Shared List in Eloqua 10

Find Shared List Asset ID (The Easier Way)


However, I was looking for the Data Lookup IDs of Shared Lists for a landingpage script and they can be found as follows:


  • Open the Shared List
  • Click on the gear-menu and choose settings
  • The dialog box that opens contains the Data Lookup ID



Usually when tasked with an email campaign, I get a list of reviewers for the project.  Usually they want to make revisions and see another proof, sometimes multiple rounds.  An easy way to get Eloqua to send them the email again from a campaign canvas is to delete the proofing segmentation and add it back into the canvas (once for each proofing revision).  Also set your campaign to allow multiple sends and the email to allow the same person to get more than one copy.  Why not use the send a contact functionality in the settings under the email?  Because it doesn't properly display the from data.  So be careful, you should turn off the settings for email and campaign to send more than one when you go to send out the main segmentation to guard against duplicate copies.  If anyone has a better way to send out robust proofs please let me know.

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