Here's a pretty common scenario where Sales people working in Salesforce (or any other CRM) want to be able to add their contacts and leads to an Eloqua campaign on demand.

Currently I have a couple of nurture campaigns that are designed to feed in leads that meet a specific criteria.  However, a lot of times, while sales people are working their leads they determine that it would be nice for some of their leads to also go into a nurture track even if those leads do not meet the criteria.  This scenario is especially common for webinars or roadshow events where you have an initial list of invitees but then sales wants to invite more people.


An easy method I came up with was to have the Sales people add their leads and/or contacts into a campaign in SFDC and have my campaign in Eloqua feed in the SFDC campaign members automatically.


Here's what's needed:

1.  Eloqua Custom data object with fields for at least the email address, campaign ID, campaign member ID, and campaign member Status - I named it All Campaign Members CDO

2.  An Autosynch that pulls in all new and modified SFDC Campaign Members into eloqua every 30 minutes.


What to do:

1.  On the all campaign members CDO, make unique identifier for the CDO records be the campaign member ID because a single SFDC contact/lead record can be part of multiple campaigns.

2.  On the autosynch, set it up to pull all new and modified campaign members from SFDC every 30 minutes - pull in the email address, campaign ID, campaign member ID, campaign member status - have the CDO records map to the Eloqua contacts using the email address.

3.  Once you have the CDO populated, you can now build filters in your eloqua segments to include members of specific campaigns with specific statuses by filtering contacts with linked custom object records that have a specific campaign ID and status.

4.  Using that segment, you can have it feed into any eloqua campaign hourly.

5.  In the Eloqua campaign, you can create shared filter decision rules to route contacts based on their campaign member statuses.


This method allows me to give specific instructions to multiple sales reps to add their contacts/leads into a Salesforce campaign and also have them modify those members' statuses so I can route their corresponding contacts in the Eloqua campaign using shared filter member decision rules.


Of course there are more applications for this, feel free to share what you think.



MikeGarcia’s Chocolate Factory … probably not the best practices – but good enough!