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I've stumbled upon recently over an issue I also encountered in the past and did not documented. The scenario is the following:

  • you upload a number of contacts;
  • after upload you see that more fields than what you uploaded have values (let's say you uploaded email, fname, lname, company, phone, BUT you start seeing values for Salutation, Job Role, Budget, etc);
  • obviously, the extra values were not in the excel you uploaded.


Where are they from and why they are there?

The way to tacke this is to go to Settings/Manage Fields and Views and take a look at one of such field. Let's pick Salutation for this example. You know you haven't uploaded or picked a value, but you see a value in it after the contact upload/creation. And NO, you know there's no program assigning these based on gender.

Surprinsingly the field does not have a default value. So where is the value coming from?

Observation: the field is based on a select list. Let's open it.


Although not plain, the problem is in the above screenshot. The problem is that the first option of the picklist is an actual value.

The picklists used for fields should not start with a value.

Instead, they should start like this.

As you see above, now the first entry has no value, just a name.

Now, the newly created contacts will not be assigned a value.

Hi Eloqua expert,


    3 contacts from my email campaign were blocked with status as below:

Excluded from Email: Distribution List or Brochure Resend


   I have verified these 3 contacts were not part of master exclusion list nor they unsubscribed the email group.

I am puzzled why other contacts (11 of them from the segment) were able to receive the email but not these 3 ??


Wayne Chan

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