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As Eloqua  is decommissioning Cloud connectors and components.

If you need way to find out where you have used these Cloud connectors and components.

I have created API from which I can get all pages, emails and Campaigns.

I can easily tell you where cloud connector and components  have been used for specific Eloqua instance.

Please let me know if you like to have communication for that.



Dharmesh Singh,


OrCloud Connector Deprecation Blog PNG.pngacle recently announced they are decommissioning Eloqua Cloud Connectors and Cloud Components.  Their announcement is jam-packed with information, but some of it could be confusing, so we wanted to clarify some of the key elements.


Cloud Connectors deprecation only applies to Cloud Connectors used in a Campaign Canvas or Cloud Connectors built by Oracle Eloqua that are in use in Program Builder. 


  • If you are using your own, or a third party built Cloud Connector in Program Builder – this announcement does not apply to those Cloud Connectors.
  • If you want to add a home-grown or third party Cloud Connector to Program Builder after February 1st, you will be able to do so and it will continue to function after March 31st.


Another thing that may have seemed confusing is whether this announcement applies to Cloud Connectors (standard or customized) that function on Custom Objects. The answer is ‘NO.’  These Cloud Connectors are NOT affected by this announcement.


To get the best and latest source of updates on this subject, go to Topliners.


Looking ahead

While Oracle continues to support Cloud Connectors in Program Builder, it’s clear that they will remove these at some time in the future. They haven’t set a date yet, but as Program Canvas continues to evolve and replace Program Builder functionality, Oracle is clearly going in this direction.


So what can you do?

Follow the instructions on the Topliners document to move to the new App Framework. In most cases, migration should be straightforward if you are using standard Cloud Connectors.  If you have customized Cloud Connectors, or have purchased customized Connectors from a third party, you should start now and work diligently to get those replaced by Cloud Apps so you will not be impacted by the February and March dates listed in the announcement.


We know the announcement from Oracle may have set off some alarms for you or your team.  We hope this information will alleviate some of your concerns and help you on your path to continued success.


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