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We're excited to announce General Availability for Motiva AI Cloud app in the Oracle marketplace.  Motiva AI brings fully automated campaign optimization to Eloqua, and delivers better performing campaigns through machine learning.


Automatically find and exploit the best messages with multivariate testing.

You can test subject lines, secondary subject lines, copy / body text, design elements, graphics - or all of these at once. Anything you can save in the Eloqua Asset Library can be tested and optimized for you.  Motiva AI experiments automatically shift investment from lower performing towards higher performing messages for you. There's nothing you need to do except watch the awesome roll in.



Find the right send time.

Motiva AI will tell you when your best send time slots are for any given campaign. More on this here.



Understand your audience.

More often than not, Motiva AI exposes high-performing response among subpopulations in your segment. It may be the audience you have is actually three or four different sub audiences. This can be a great way to use data to influence the campaign and/or creative design process on your team. Persona development FTW!


Share your success.

You can share your great results with the rest of your team with beautiful reports. Export data to any platform.


Lighten your workload.

Stop trying to design the right valid a/b tests, exporting data, interpreting results, rerunning the campaign, etc. Motiva AI will do all that for you, and more.


Easy integration.

Five (5) minutes to set up, and you can drag and drop the Motiva AI widgets onto new or existing campaign canvases. The Email Optimizer action service simply replaces the Send Email step with a much more powerful capability: message optimization.


Have a go and let us know what you think. It's a free 30-day pilot, unlimited campaigns. We're always excited to see new use cases.

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