Use case: Let’s say (see below snapshot) you have customized - “Email Analysis by Email Group” report per your use case and now you would like to customize the secondary “Total Clickthroughs by Contact” report to be replaced with the new, custom report you have created with specific contacts fields.

Let us get started:

As stated, I would be taking “Email Analysis Overview” report as an example, so when you click on any out of box report, analyzer license allows you to customize the report. Hence, Analyzer license is must in this case.


  1. Open any out of box report – let’s say,  “Email Analysis by Email Group” report, when you click on any metrics, let’s say “ Total Clickthroughs” it takes you to a drilled down (secondary) out of box report “Email Analysis by Email Group - Total Clickthroughs” which tells you the contact details like – email address, first name and others. We all know we can customize “Email Analysis by Email Group” report, now you can actually customize the later (secondary or drilled down) report. So, that any user click on your saved report and clicks on drilled down report, it will actually takes the user to customized drilled down report.

Below are the steps to customize the drill down report:

  1. Open any out of box/custom report and “save as” in any of the folder. Let us say the report is “Email Analysis by Email Group”.
  2. Open the drill down report and “save as” it as well. For Example – “Email Analysis by Email Group - Total Clickthroughs”
  3. Click on the gear icon of the attribute you want to update, click on “column properties” of “Email Analysis by Email Group” report.

   4. Click on “Interaction” ->”+”->”Actionlinks”:


    5. Click on “Navigate to BI Content”:

    6. Select your secondary or drill down report and save.

    7. Hit Results on primary report and you will notice that on clicking the “Total Clickthroughs” you will be getting customized secondary report.


Hope that is helpful.