Use case: Let us say you wanted to have phone numbers to be in the following format without spaces and “00” or “+” in the starting of the phone number.

  1. Open your Program Canvas or Campaign Canvas and drag and drop CWM app, click on configuration.
  2. Assuming you are aware of CWM app, select Action as “RegEx Replace” and enter below code.


Find: \D ->it will remove all the spaces, “-“from the phone number.

Replace: Blank


3. Now, select Action as “RegEx Replace” again and enter below code:

Find: ^\s*(?:\+?(\d{1,3}))?[-. (]*(\d{3})[-. )]*(\d{3})[-. ]*(\d{4})(?: *x(\d+))?\s*$

Replace: 00$1$2$3$4 or +$1$2$3$4



4. Test your configuration: You will notice in first example- input of “+1231224543” with output of “001231224543”, and input of “123 456-1717” with output of “001234561717”.


** Please try it in your sandbox first.


** Need more information on Contact Washing Machine App? Click below Oracle Help Centre doc on what is Contact Washing Machine app, how to download/install it and it’s actions -



Hope this is helpful.