Send Time Optimization (STO) Insights with Motiva AI and Eloqua: best and worst times and email delay distributions
We've released two new intelligent insights reports for Eloqua Motiva AI campaigns that help you easily target the best times and understand audience behavioral engagement.


Motiva AI's previous STO intelligence has offered a 24x7 grid description of relative response rates. These are available for each Motiva AI email step on any campaign.


There is now an additional summary chart inserted at the top of every Motiva AI STO insights report that looks like this:


Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.04.26.png


We wanted to make it easier to interpret the fuller grid report (still available) and give you a quick sense of your top three strongest- and weakest-performing slots at a glance.


We've also added a brand new intelligent report for Delay Distribution. Delay Distribution describes the delay between the hour in which you send an email and the time it takes for your target population to open or click on that email. rather than a simple summary, we want to provide you with a fuller picture of what's happening on every Motiva email across the send time restrictions you designate. Here's how that looks:


Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.04.05.png


The inspiration for this came from our users. We realized that the behavioral dynamics for Motiva newsletter optimization campaigns were behaving differently from onboarding and nurture campaigns, and differently from event-driven campaigns.



  • Different segments can show sometimes dramatically different response patterns with the same or similar campaign types
  • Seasonality can matter depending on industry vertical
  • Seniority and role can correlate with responsiveness - apart from overall rate, time-to-response differs
  • Language optimization around calls to action can help drive shorter time-to-response and levels of engagement
  • Does send time even matter, and if so how much?
  • And more


These new features are part of our push towards understanding customer audiences better and giving you the insights you need to take action and improve outreach. Try it out; tell us what you learn. We appreciate your feedback.