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2 Posts authored by: Joe Gelata
Joe Gelata

Contact Routing Made Easy

Posted by Joe Gelata Mar 22, 2013

For a full version of this post including illustrations, additional use cases, tips, and considerations please see the original submission on the Revenue Engineer Blog at Eloqua Contact Routing Made Easy.




One particularly painful challenge that Eloqua users often face is contact routing between programs.  Eloqua is extremely flexible and built to manage routing effectively.  However, new users often don’t understand the full depth of flexibility causing this piece of the puzzle to be overlooked early in a deployment.  Unknown to Eloqua Admins the problem grows until one day it rears it’s ugly head – often too late to easily fix.  This post outlines some tactics that can be used early on to make contact routing very easy and ensure smooth sailing no matter how large a deployment grows.


Before we get started it’s important to note some general concepts for routing contacts in Eloqua.  This post focuses on static routing of contacts after they submit forms.  This means you are using a form processing step to move contacts to a program – often a Lead Scoring or CRM integration program.  This is a ‘push’ method.  If you are using a dynamic method of routing contacts this post is not for you.  An example of dynamic routing is using a contact filter in the program to feed contacts in.  In this ‘pull’ method the form is not ‘hardwired’ to the program.


Typical Eloqua Routing Scenario


The image above (see Eloqua Contact Routing Made Easy) depicts a typical routing scenario in Eloqua:

  1. Contacts submit a form
  2. A form processing step pushes contacts to a specific step in a specific program

This method is fast and ensures all contacts get to the proper program.  However…


The Problem


As your marketing automation skills grow and you start to enhance your system you may decide to add a new program to the mix.  For example, you may decide to implement the Eloqua Name Analyzer to filter out bad data before it’s sent to your CRM.  After building the Eloqua Name Analyzer program you are ready to add it into the flow.  You build a step at the end of this new program that adds contacts to the start of the CRM Integration program.  Then you look at routing contacts from your 347 live forms to the Eloqua Name Analyzer program…ouch!


In order to build a simple connection from your forms to the Eloqua Name Analyzer program you need to update 347 individual processing steps.  This would have been simple 2 years ago when you started using Eloqua and only had 5 forms.  Now your problem is much bigger (hopefully you aren’t one of the unlucky Eloqua deployments that have over 600 forms!).


The Solution


Fear not – there is a solution!  And it’s quite simple and easy to implement as long as you do it early in your Eloqua deployment.

What you need is Grand Central Station in Program Builder.  Essentially a Hub Program that acts as a central program to route contacts to wherever they need to go after they submit a form.  All forms will route contacts to this program via a form processing step.  The program then routes contacts to the next program they need to go to such as the CRM Integration program.  The following image outlines this flow (see Eloqua Contact Routing Made Easy).


The program itself is as simple as it gets.  It is a single step that moves contacts to the next program.


Once this is in place it becomes extremely easy to add new programs into the flow.  You no longer have to rerouting 347 individual forms.  Instead, you simple update one setting in the Hub Program to route to a different program (e.g. the Eloqua Name Analyzer program instead of the CRM Integration program) and you’re ready to go!  If you ever decide to build a full Contact Washing Machine program and want to swap it for the Eloqua Name Analyzer program – just update one step and your contacts don’t miss a beat.


I hope this helps save you time and effort!



For a full version of this post including illustrations, additional use cases, tips, and considerations please see the original submission on the Revenue Engineer Blog at Eloqua Contact Routing Made Easy.

Joe Gelata

Lead Scoring University

Posted by Joe Gelata Nov 6, 2012

After spending the day waiting for a delayed plane on my way to #EE12 I was able to catch up on some blog posts I was working on.  Here are the fruits of my labor...Lead Scoring University on the Revenue Engineer blog


Lead Scoring has long an important piece of demand generation and will likely continue to grow in complexity and value.  I’ve compiled some of my experiences in the posts listed below.  I hope you enjoy and it helps you find fast and more value from your lead scoring efforts.  I encourage you to share your stories in the comments.


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