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1 Post authored by: Adrian Chang-Oracle

Did you know that you can show the impact of your Eloqua email activities in your web analytics tool? Whether you use Omniture Sitecatalyst, Webtrends, Coremetrics or Google Analytics, it is possible to setup your email links to capture all of the parameters required by your analytics tool to measure Eloqua's contribution to web traffic vs. other sources like your banner ads or paid search efforts.


For those who use Google Analytics, you may have a need to pass many variables over such as: Type of Media (Email), Source of Media (Eloqua), Name of the Campaign (Eloqua Campaign Name) and Information about Content (Eloqua Email Name). By turning on our web analytics tracking, you can add these parameters to your links - Eloqua will preserve them and then you will be able to report on Eloqua's contribution to web traffic to understand how your emails are impacting your buyer's online journey.


Sample Link:


All you need to do is get your adminstrator to turn this functionality on via the System Management area of the platform. The attached goes into more details regarding how you can further explore tracking capabilities via Google Analytics to get Eloqua's contribution to your web metrics as well as the different parameters such as Campaigns, Media Type, Ad Content and Page Title.


Activate External Analytics Tracking in Eloqua.jpg


Stay tuned for an upcoming Power Hour starring yours truly where I will cover web analytics integration possibilities in two parts - I: The basics and II: Eloqua-Adobe-CRM Integration with Eloqua Campaigns.

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