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1 Post authored by: Lou Patrick

Wouldn't it be nice to view a SFDC Campaign member's email status in SFDC? Wouldn't it be nice to break down the statuses in an SFDC Campaign Member Report? I was asked if it is possible to send these email statuses to a SFDC Campaign and after a trail run it turns out it is very possible with Program Builder.


Before Sending Email:

Set Campaign ID Field in Eloqua (In my instance it is ZZ - Last SFDC Campaign ID) to the SFDC Campaign in which the status updates will be sent.

- This can easily be done by adding all the Eloqua Contacts to a Contact Group then using Data Manipulation -> Field Values to set all Eloqua Contacts to the desired SFDC Campaign.


Sending the Email:

Create simple program to send the email and then add contact to the Set Campaign Status Program created for the specific email.


What this Set Campaign Status Program does:

Sets the Eloqua Contact's SFDC Campaign Member Status to Bounced, Unsubscribed, Opened or Clicked-through and updates SFDC with this status.


The Set Campaign Status Program:

Decision Rules used in Program:
Fist Set of Decisions Rules.png Clicked-through Decision.png


- During the trial I noticed some statuses of Opened and Clicked-through ended up unsubscribing so I added in an extra delayed Unsubscribed decision rule to weed out those instances.

- I now copy this program for each email I would like to use it for and choose the email in the Opened Email? and Clicked-through Email? decision rules.

- I explored making these decision rules any email in the last day but filtering a few of my groups indicated there normally are a few contacts who have opened an email within a day.


Overview of a Set Status path:

Set Status Path Bounced.png


Breakdown of each Set Status Step:


Set Status to Bounced:

Set Status to Bounced.png


- Same action used for Status Settings. For Example, Blank. Update Rule Set created to Set the ZZ - Last SFDC Campaign Status" field to ""


Update Status in SFDC:

Associate Lead With Campaign.png


- Used Lead as example. Contact is the same but with Contact ID.


The Report in SFDC:

(In SFDC Campaign: View All Campaign Members --> Hide Details --> Summarize Information By: Member Status)

SFDC Report.png

The Full Program:

Set Campaign Status Program.png


How this program has helped me:

I currently send out open reports for about 3 emails a week. Implementing this program with these campaigns will not only eliminate the need for me to send the report which will save me a good amount of time but it will also give the end SFDC user much more insight into the lead's email history.

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