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Firefox is slow, enters Servo.

Firefox is fast, you're welcome!



Hey all,


When using Eloqua, optimizing for time is one of the things we all try to keep an eye on, as campaign work can be *challengingly* slow at times.


The main speed bump in the Eloqua experience is Firefox: not a speed demon to boot (compared to Chrome or Safari), it renders Eloqua visual elements in real time, which hogs system memory and slows everything down to a frustrating point.


With large canvases, I have seen Firefox shoot up into Gig territory of RAM used and +30% CPU usage, with two tabs open, leading to freezes and sometime system crashes...

Oh, I run an i7-6600U with 16G.

But, but, why not use Edge, which is much better at handling html5, or Chrome, which is much better at everything?
Because Eloqua optimizes for FF primarily, and some modules or pop up windows  do not render in other browsers. Ugh.

So Firefox it is.


Now what if, there was a way to get FF to show any change we'd make in the blink of an eye, and refresh in actual real time canvas and other asset changes?




Behold: Quantum CSS, for a life-altering experience.
(Experimental Mozilla team stuff, but so far so good.)



If you're ready to set the Fox on actual fire, do this:

>update FF to the latest available version (menu/?/About Firefox)

>enter "about:config" in the address bar

>ignore the warranty warning

>search for "layout.css.servo.enabled"
>double-click to enable the setting from "false" to "true"



That's it!

Your instance of Firefox should be significantly more responsive.


(I also have a few settings altered on top of, to promote speed in FF as it 's always driven me nuts, so there's always that too.)


Let me know how it works for you!





-Credit: I learned about this via CSS-Tricks' email newsletter, an amazing resource to learn more about web things-

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