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1 Post authored by: Nick McGirr-LEAD2CRM

Create a data card and create a Contact and map the data from the data card onto the newly created Contact.


In E9, navigate to:

Evaluate > Database Management > Custom Objects > Data Card Set > Data Card Services > New Data

(if the data card services are being launched for the first time which would then enable the transfer of data from all existing data card to contact.)

1. Add Processing steps, "Save to Contact Table" and "Update existing record or Data Object"

2. For the processing step, "Update existing record or Data Object", you can then choose an existing Update Rule or create a new one--you will likely need to create a new one for the project at hand; however, if you create a new Update Rule from Data Card Services it will never give you the option to choose a database table (Contacts, Prospects, Companies, Custom Object). It will always default to the exact Data Card Set you are working in. Clearly, this will NOT work for transferring data card data to the contact table because you cannot map/align the two objects. To get around this you must visit step 3.

3. Navigate to Evaluate > Data Tools and click, "Create New Update Rule Set"

4. Create a new Update Rule and Select Contacts as the Table to update. Add the Contact Table fields you would like to update. Save.

5. Go back to your Custom Object/Data Card Set's Data card Services and open the "Update Existing Record or Data Object" process step you created and select the Update Rule you just created.

6. Map the Data Card field to Contact Field and Save and Close.


Repeat this process for modified data in Data Card Services, but do not place the "Save to Contact Table" step.


Run some tests and you will see net new contacts get created and modified ones map data card data onto their contact record.data_card_sets

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