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Entry Level Position

Posted by OhKyleL May 19, 2014

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) is seeking to hire a Sales and Marketing Automation Coordinator. This position will report to the Sr. Director of Customer Intelligence, and will work along-side the sales and marketing teams who are continuously developing reports and tools for the HCI sales team to help them support revenue goals.

What You Will Be Doing
As a Marketing and Sales Automation Coordinator at HCI, you will be responsible for sending out email blasts on behalf of our Inside Sales team through Eloqua; updating leads and contacts in along with other data cleansing duties using various tools and methods.; assisting the inside sales team with reports; and supporting various other projects to help support success of HCI.



Responsibilities include:


  • Create and send email campaigns:
  • Develop and pull lists from and Eloqua:
  • Assist in maintaining database integrity
  • Sales and Marketing automation
  • Work with Sales and Marketing Departments to add value


I have too much on my plate and keep getting more added to it. I am looking to fill the entry level position mentioned to help me keep our database up to date and to create email campaigns on behalf of our sales team. Ideally this position will be based out of our Cincinnati OTR office. If you know of anyone who is looking to get started in the exciting world of Sales and Marketing Automation. Have them check out the the job posting on LinkedIn

I am generally a Mac, guy but like anyone who makes a living dealing with databases and computers you have to use Windows more often than you want too. And my wife has always been a PC gal with no interest in learning anything about the Mac world until Windows 8 came out. I am actually lucky that the new PC laptop I bought her has not been chucked out the windows already. She has actually gotten pretty good at using my Mac over the past month or so. But with me working late and her taking classes trying to work off of my computer at night for the both of us really just was not working out. So I did a little searching tonight on her PC and found out that there is a large population of Windows 8 haters out there and I don't blame them. I just don’t see how this made sense to Microsoft to release but they did, and navigating through the obnoxious start screen and leaving off the start button which has always been there and made Windows relatively simply to navigate was crazy.


I just ran across a $5.00 program that gives you back your Start button and makes Windows 8 act like Windows again. My wife felt like she received a brand new computer tonight after I installed this little bit of software. She can now use her Windows machine again without becoming overly frustrated and down right mean as times. Best $5.00 I have ever spent.


If you too are struggling with Windows 8 and are forced to keep working on a PC rather than switching to a Mac. Check out this little bit of software:


Start 8 by Stardock.

Doing a little web surfing after vacation to slowly start getting my brain back into work mode, I found this whitepaper from BrainSell. The paper is designed to demonstrate to both small and medium sized organizations how to expand their businesses with effective inbound marketing techniques and marketing automation. To read their in depth paper click here. I think this paper will benefit those just looking to create a new automated marketing campaign. If you are new to automated marketing be sure to check it out. It can also be beneficial to those experienced with automated marketing by helping to remind you of the basics. Be helpful and educational, it shouldn't sound like a sales pitch. Be timely and customizable in your message and make sure that message is constant.


One tip I really found useful and find myself often forgetting to do. Repurpose your existing content.  It is so easy to overlook what you already have as you are always trying to find the next big thing to share. But a lot of what you already have is still relevant and timely and just needs to be repurposed. A few suggestions that are made in the ebook are:


  • Combine text from an old whitepaper with new videos to create a multimedia ebook.
  • Turn videos or webinars into blog posts and ebooks or vice versa.
  • Use commonly asked questions and comments from webinars to create a new ebook.

Share all company presentations in multiple formats. post the slides on slideshare, upload the video on youtube, and create a series of blog posts that dive into specific points of the presentation.

The ebook is worth a read if you have the time.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I participate in Webinars almost daily. And the majority of them do suck, or if they aren't that bad they are not good enough to really hold my attention and keep me from multi-tasking while on the webinar. Ran across this article on hosting webinars this morning during my morning 'research' time and thought I would share. Some of it is pretty basic but often times we over think things and forget the basics.

Five ways to prove your next webinar isn’t going to suck


Social Media Statistics

Posted by OhKyleL May 29, 2013

I have been doing some research on the various Social Media options and ran across this blog which gives statistics for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Social Media Statistics 2013 – Facebook vs Twitter vs Pinterest


The blog post was posted in December of 2012 so many of you on top of things may have already seen this. One of the more interesting stats I saw from this post was that the average amount of time spent on the three different Social Media's. I thought that Facebook and Twitter would have been reversed. But that could be because I am more of a Facebook user than a Twitter user which correlates with the age statistics, but I am also one of those rare men who enjoy Pinterest.


Does anyone know where Google+ fits into this mix? Stats listed here show it has 343 million active users. This list shows all forms of Social Media including the likes of NetFlix, Etsy, and anywhere else you can think of.


Just thought I would share these incase anyone else is looking more deeply into Social Media options.

I am loving Data Cards! Just finished creating a data card set that will store our various web activities which are happening on our website. Our website activity is synced with Salesforce in a custom object and now the data in that custom object is synced with data cards in Eloqua. This is going to allow our Marketing team to start building campaigns and automation around the activity on our website.


The down side right now is our Drupal to Salesforce sync is a manual process but we are partnering with a company which is going to help us turn this sync into an automated real time sync.


As we continue to grow and understand Eloqua (we are newbie’s just_ getting started) I am sure we will find better ways of doing these types of things, making better use of forms and landing pages but for now this Data Card sync is going to make a huge difference in how we do business and I think we will be taking more advantage of Data Cards moving forward.


Clean Data Webinar

Posted by OhKyleL Dec 12, 2012

If you are like me you are struggling with getting or keeping your data clean. Ran across a link for a Webinar / Sales Pitch for last night. Since we are already customers thought it might be useful to see if there is something I can be doing better. Below are the details for the Webinar and a link to register. It is later this afternoon, 10:00 PDT


Live Webinar: December 12 - 10:00 AM PDT

Nucleus Research's Rebecca Wetteman and present how essential good data is to your company's sales growth.

Don't miss out on this informative webinar where Rebecca Wetteman of Nucleus Research and will reveal the necessity of having high quality data—and tell you how to get it. We'll also be covering what you need to do to get ready for the exciting innovations has on the way for social selling.

Rebecca Wetteman will discuss:

The five steps companies can take to leverage clean data

How to use data to plan a sales management strategy

How social data is key for sales prospecting and account management

Getting ready for's Social Key



Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President, Nucleus Research

Learn to increase productivity through better business data -

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