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1 Post authored by: Rob Sommers

A few releases ago – I don’t remember exactly when – Eloqua gave us the ability to change the names of the steps on the campaign canvas from the default (“Segment Members”, “Email”, etc.) to a custom name of our choosing. I’ll be honest, when I first heard of this change, it didn’t seem that useful to me. But a recent situation arose where I found a real use for this functionality.


I had a campaign where a member would receive one of six different emails depending on the contents of two different fields in a Custom Data Object. First we had to divide the recipients into two groups based on one field and then subdivide those groups into three others, based on the second CDO field. It was easy enough to set up the campaign flow with five “Compare Custom Object Fields” decision steps. The challenge, as seen below, was making sure that each recipient got the correct email.




By changing the names of the decision steps to include results of that decision, I could easily see where each email belonged. It only took a moment to change the name as I was entering the information for each decision step. Even coming back to the canvas days later, there was no need to open any of the decision steps to see which asset belonged with it.




Since the name of each email could easily been seen in the second line of the step, I didn’t have to change that step name. But if our naming convention hadn’t made the email so easy to identify, I could have changed those names, too.


So the lesson is, don’t just dismiss something because you don’t see an immediate use for it.

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