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We are going to populate the region contact field based on the values we have in the country field. This would be good after we have standardized values in both, but we notice having a considerable group of contacts who have a value in the country field but none in the region field (this will be your audience to bring in the program builder).


We are going to use a program builder. See the below design.

We have 3 decision rules checking country value from a filter, and after them an update rule setting the region for each category. (This could be done in one run too, with some conditional update rules and an country to region update table. )


The filter inside the decision rule is like:

As you see, it checks the country field against a picklist of values.

This means that for each region, you would have to set up eloqua picklists with the corresponding country values. Make them in excel and upload.


The update rules ran in the program are like:

The scenario is that we want to cleanse and standardize the values of a contact field.

In order for this cleanse to be effective, it would be good if in the future the field cannot be filled in by contacts as text input, but selectable from a dropdown, on order to not bring back non standard values. Our production scenario is that we had contact fields as text input and switched to values to be selected from dropdowns. In this case, we wanted to cleanse all values present in the database.


Navigate to Contacts/Data tools. In the upped left Data Tools menu button select new update rule. Add name and then add individual update rules. See below.

In the above case, we want to standardize Estimated Budget field values to the above limits. As you can see below, we set up a series of threshold values and implemented.

We can also use more flexible rules, like using "*" to cleanse values that are starting or ending in a known string. See below.


In this case we are changing the value in the Job Seniority field, for example, to Consultant for all those who have values that are like  "Consultant,.......". The * keeps place for whatever else would be the continuation of that value.


Now in order to do the actual cleansing, create a program builder to run the update rule against the desired audience.

In the first step add the contacts with either a filter or feeder. The second step is running the update rule set. The last step is an exit.


Note: for the field you want to cleanse, you could make an eloqua picklist with the standard values, let's say the new 6 standard values for the estimated budget field. Then create a compare contact fields filter, asking for the contacts having Estimated Budget field values NOT in that picklist nor blanks. And that's your audience to cleanse.

The scenario is that in your links you custom add query strings past "?". We add a different query string per links, which gets submitted to a hidden form and then a datacard.

In order to create a report in Insight so you have visibility over this, you can use the below attributes and metrics

The attributes are campaign and clickthrough query string value and the metrics are total clockthroughs and unique clickthroughs.

running the report will provide something like below:

Make sure to have emails and pages added to the campaign canvas for reporting purposes.

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