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Online Referrals


Referrers allow you to track your web marketing activities such as Blog posts, search engines, banner ads, Social Media, partner sites etc. Examples of how you might want to use this feature is to track visitors to your online blog posts or a general catch-all monitoring for a popular social media page e.g. your company's Facebook or Twitter page.

[Note: The following instructions apply to Eloqua9]


To access the Referrers area:
  1. From the Eloqua Today (home) page, select Automate > Web Profiling > Referrers
  2. Click the Referrers tab.
  3. Click one of the sub tabs on the left to access tools for a particular type of referrer, in this case we're using Online Media


Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 17.07.39.png


Creation of a Referrer, e.g. Online Media


  1. On the menu next to Online Media, select New Marketing Campaign from the drop-down menu.

Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 17.20.02.png

     2. Enter in Campaign Name, Start date, End date


Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 17.31.17.png


The referrer screen currently has the text "Optional" after both the Referring URL and Landing Page URL.  However you do need to use at least one of them to track detail correctly.


You should enter in your Landing Page and Referring URLs based on the following criteria:


  1. Track click-throughs (Visitors) from particular web pages (for example, articles or press releases on other websites) to your website (known as Referring URL).
  2. Track click-throughs (Visitors)  from any web page to a particular Landing Page (for example, to track a particular promotion) on your website (known as Landing Page).
  3. Track  click-throughs (Visitors) from a particular web page (Referring URL) to a particular Landing Page on your website to measure the traffic/success for a particular Campaign.


For example 1 above, you'd enter in the Referring URL. For example 2 above you'd enter in the URL of your Landing Page. For example 3 above you'd enter in both the Referring URL and the Landing Page URL.

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