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Many organizations use multi-level rules for their lead assignment. Leads may be assigned based on several criteria, such as geography, vertical and/or product line. Many govern that lead assignment and routing via their CRM systems.


For very practical reasons, many organizations have processes and councils in teams that manage the administration of the CRM system.  While this governance is best practice and recommended for ensuring consistency and productivity of the Sales and Marketing organizations, it is not typically adept at mobilizing for quick changes in process or routing that may need to occur due to changes in lead assignment criteria or the far too frequent changes in staff.


If you believe:

  1. Sales interaction with a Lead in the first hour of engagement with your website (eg. submitting a Contact Us form) nets the highest level of lead qualification effectiveness (MIT Multi-Media Response study)
  2. 30% of Sales people turn over each year and it takes an average of 7 months to ramp new staff (Jeff Ernst, author of The New Rules of Sales Enablement)


Then, it stands to reason that getting your sales team info about engaged, sales-ready Leads as quickly as possible is key.  Why wait for the methodical, but often slow, assignment of your standard CRM Integration process when you can use Eloqua's Integration Rule sets to get vetted names into the hands of your Sales team sooner rather than later?


Integration Rule Collections can be used to update Leads or Contacts by triggering External Calls in sequence based on multiple criteria. More complex than Internal event triggers and less time consuming than the CRM Sync programs in Program Builder, these Integration Rules are build using filters to identify only those Leads or Contacts who fit the defined criteria. They use Integration Events (a collection of sequential, prioritized External Calls) to assign the Lead and update with more complex logic than just an Internal activity (like an email click-thru.)


The "Run Integration Rules" form processing step can be used to trigger this type of complex Lead/Contact updating in your CRM.


Create a CRM Sync, Triggered by a Form Submit Using Integration Rules


1.  Start by creating the Integration Rule Collection


  • Go to the Integration area by following the Setup icon to Database > Integration (Eloqua9, start on your Eloqua Today Bar: Setup > Integration)
  • Go to Configuration Tab > Get Started Bar: Configuration > Manage Integration Rules and Click the Add Rule Collection buttonIntegration Rule Collections.png
  • Type in the name and description of the Integration Rule Collection, select the data entity type to be governed by this rule, enable the rule & click the Save button.Integration Rule Collection-Create.png
  • On the next screen, click the Add Rule button to open the Add Integration Rule window so you can build your first priority set of external calls to be run.
  • Name the first rule, select a filter of who should be included and excluded from being synced in this fashion, and select the Integration Event (collection of prioritized External Calls) to be run. (You can also select a temporary field to be populated during this process for additional logic used in other Integration Events or the like)Integration Rule Collection-Create2.pngIntegration Rule Collection-Create3.png
  • Follow these steps as many times as you need to to build out the logic you want for the sync upon form submission.Integration Rule Collection-Create4.png
  • Save and Close once you are finished.


2. Add this Integration Rule Collection to the processing steps of your form


Processing Steps.png


  • Select your Integration Rule Collection in the form's processing step
  • Trigger.png


This is a great way to take care of quick syncs based on form submissions.   Know that you can also use these Integration Rule Collections in Program Builder as well.


If you'd like to learn more about CRM Integration, Integration Rules, Integration Events, External Calls or just do hands-on exercises in a safe environment, I recommend taking The specified item was not found.

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