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In Eloqua's R1 release (April 2012), changes will be made to what we at Eloqua refer to as our "Strict Mode" tracking feature.  Currently, Eloqua allows clients to enable strict mode tracking which requires all web visitors to opt-into tracking before Eloqua can place a tracking cookie on their computer and thus track their activity on a client's website.  Enhancements are being made to Strict Mode tracking to provide our clients with much more flexibility.  These changes will come out in our R1 2012 release (April 2012,) and will allow our clients to be in accordance with the laws that each European Union (EU) member country must have in place by May of this year to abide by the EU privacy regulations.


Please see these two files on Topliners Eloqua Insiders for more detail on what Eloqua's new strict mode is and will enable you to do, as well as technical implementation document that outlines how to implement the new tracking scripts.  Other related (past) posts are also outlined below.


Details on Upcoming Changes Strict Mode Tracking:

- Outline of the changes coming:

- Web tracking technical implementation document:



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List of countries that have implemented cookie laws:

Hi everyone,


Did you know that in our release last December that all of you on Eloqua 10 got a set of brand new features in Eloqua Insight that you can take advantage of?  We now have a video on the Eloqua University that outlines some of those key features:

- removing columns and moving columns around in reports

- formatting reports and graphs

- adding alerts

- adding visual thresholds

- being able to email reports to others

- saving changes you make to the report so you can come back to it later

...and much, more...


Check out the video on the's free.  Just log into the university from the top right nav bar from E10 and when you're there, search for Analyzer and you'll find the video.


Also, please check out the full user guide on Analyzer Users in Insight.  It is on the Knowledgebase.  Again, just log in via the top right nav in E10 and search for Analyzer.

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