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I want to share an idea on topliners,  I was asked to track click-through from emails sent through Linkedin ignoring their email address and without asking them to fill a form with their email address.


It is of course a bit hand-crafted solution (far from automation) , but it is compliant with anti-spam rules and much more efficient than many other solutions.

The average email open rate on Linkedin is much higher than any other solution. The targetting with proper functions is also much more acurate than any other database.  When the profile allows it, you can send emails to contacts that share same group as yours, and if you get a paid account you can send "inmail" to contacts that accept inmails if they do not share any group or do not accept emails from group members.

I'am aware this is a tedious job, but with little organisation you can have this job made by a trainee if you want to drag traffic to a high value content landing page (video or white paper).

The second part of the constraint was to avoid the recipient to abandon the click-through by asking him to type his email address to access the asset. I must say that in EMEA people pay much attention not to be tracked, and are reluctant to type their email to access assets. (this is probably due to low faith in privacy policy) . Anyway, building a tracking solution with this additional restriction was compulsory.


The solution I used is building a query string parameter that I called "LinUser".. I do not know if there is a better solution, but we get a report on who has clicked through the link without knowing his email adress nor asking for it.

Then I append the end of URL for each email sent by Linkedin with  " ?LinUser=firstname_lastname"


(On the picture, the URL contains the Query string but it is hidden in the email in order to be discret.)

121030 lien masqué.JPG


The report can be seen in Insight webanalytics query string overview or other report including query string.

To get this report we need to upload the different values of the query string parameter.

(In the picture the two names are test value "toto" & "tata")

121030 querystring LinUser insight.JPG


Please fell free to comment if you have a smarter solution or any hint that will help to automate this process.

As a matter of fact this solution is far from mass emailing solution. I'am also aware than this can be built with any webanalytics solution such as google analytics and that this is not specific to Eloqua.

But it is still usefull for high potential small targets that are very hard to get in touch with.

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