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I find program builder to be a little daunting at times to find issues and how to fix them. I have started using some best practices which may be of use to troubleshoot a problem. Here are a few of my tips for troubleshooting in program builder.

  • Try to break your programs into mini programs with less steps- easier to find errors.
  • Don't be afraid to be overly descriptive of each step function. I will use descriptions like step 998X:Denied Party List
  • Put programs with the most steps into priority mode to speed up integration


  • When encountering an issue start in sequence with the first program and run either "entry history" or "exit history" reports to see where the contacts left the system.

  • After discovering the step where the problem occurred you can reference the description (tip two above) to see what should happen at that step and refer back to the source (a feeder or loaded list or form) to see any anomalies. For example, I had some contacts that were not integrating with SFDC, the step where the problem occurred was step 992x add lead score-  the contacts were not getting a lead score for some reason. It ends up the lead score was never assigned to the contacts because the list I uploaded into Eloqua had a date that was set to a future time ( it actually was accurate but set in EMEA style showing 12/3/16 instead of 3/12/16 in North America) that told the system not to score until after that date. Easy fix but tricky to find.

    Feel free to add a few of your own. I am sure I am missing some great tips from the community and would love to learn more.

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