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1 Post authored by: heather.bechard

The challenge was to get more accurate ROI reporting on our PPC investment.


What we did:


We created separate campaigns in Sales Force that mapped to each campaign ad group set up in ad words. We then added a query string to the end of all our PPC ads that included the campaign id, example: ?CMP=701A0000000OvPXIA0.


The next challenge was that our forms already had a campaign id on them so we created a second SFDC Campaign field to capture the PPC campaign. We also added a second external call that would create/update a campaign response from the second SFDC Campaign field. We updated all of our forms to include the profile field to capture the query string and update the contact records with the new PPC campaign in the update existing contact processing step.


Now when a lead comes in from PPC they get added as a response to the form’s campaign and to the PPC campaign in Sales Force. We can see exactly how many leads and oppourtunities were created from each ad group and this allows up to determine where we need to be spending our money in the new year and where we can cut back.

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