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No Eloqua issue was found, but an ISP network issue may have resulted in some of the slowness experienced. We believe this issue has been resolved but if you experience further delays please notify Support.




We are currently investigating to see if there are any application slowness or email delay issues in the system. Will update as soon as we can determine any issues.



This issue has been resolved as of 12:57 (EDT)



We have identified an issue whereby on submission, client-side form validation is not being enforced and, as such, the visitor is able to submit without entering required fields. This only occurs on forms newly created since Sunday, June 17th. Development is currently working on a fix for this issue and estimates it will be tested and ready to deploy tomorrow afternoon (EDT).


Monday June 25, 2012 - 18:33


This issue was fixed and should no longer be an issue.



We have identified an issue with the manner newly created or modified emails sent via the Eloqua 10 application render in Lotus Notes. When rendered, the email will have visible borders inserted around text boxes. Development is currently working on a fix for this issue and estimates it will be tested and ready to deploy tomorrow afternoon (EDT). Updates to follow.

The code performance issue was resolved and patched at 11:30 AM and system is quickly catching up at this point.

Email dispatch is slow, we are about 60 minutes behind at this point. Still investigating, updates to follow.


9:21 EST


This issue has been resolved.


13:47 EST:

The fix for this issue has just passed code review in development and we are targeting getting this patched to production shortly.



Secure landing pages that are using the domain to access files and images cannot access them due to the lack of a certificate.  There are approximately 30 customers with secure hypersites but not all of them are configured to use this domain.  Timeframe for initial resolution is a hot fix targeted for shortly after noon.  Immediate fix is to manually change references to or Updates will be forthcoming.


10:19 EST


As of 10:00 AM EDT this morning, we have resolved the issue that was causing resaved landing pages to be improperly formatted.  Landing pages that have been affected can easily be reverted back to the original formatting through simply opening and resaving again.  This should resolve any formatting issues on the landing page.  If, after resaving, you are still experiencing an issue, please contact support.



17:40 EST


We have identified a fix for the issue that causes re-saved landing pages to be improperly formatted.  We are rolling this out to a staging environment tonight for testing, and then will implement the fix first thing in the morning.  We expect the issue to be fully resolved by latest 10AM EDT.  For any landing pages with issues, once the fix is deployed there are a few simple steps we will be sending to you to revert them back to the original formatting.



13:50 EST


Development has identified an initial fix for this issue and it is currently in code review.  From there QA will need to test it across a range of different assets to ensure it is properly addressing the problem. Updates to follow.



ADVISORY:  Please be aware that styling of some emails and landing pages may appear to be broken when viewed in the editors.  This is a known issue that impacts viewing content in the editor only and we are working to resolve it quickly.  Rest assured this does not impact your live emails and landing pages.  However, please avoid saving any broken content or content with styling issues as this may push those changes live. Updates will be forthcoming.

Eloqua Discover users,


In April of this year we found out that the Summer '12 release would have an impact on Eloqua Discover.  As such, development work was undertaken at Eloqua avoid these breaking changes and the fixes were silently pushed to all current installs a few weeks ago.  However, testing in a Summer '12 sandbox last week we found some additional issues with the hover over for recent activities and page styling that, although they do not impact primary functionality, will greatly affect the user experience for your sales team.  We sent an upgrade bulletin out to the named contacts of all Discover clients last week but wanted to post the resolution steps on this public forum as well.


To resolve this issue we are providing a 10-minute, wizard driven, install package that you can use to correct the issue.  We are also providing the "how to" video below to assist in navigating through this simple process.  We would like to reiterate that Eloqua Discover will still work with the hover over and styling issues if you choose to not install this package right away.  You can install the new package on your own timeframe and in the interim Discover users can go directly to the Lead/Contact's activities instead of using the hover over to see recent activities.


The install instructions follow, but please note you will require admin access in Salesforce in order to push this package out, and that the link to the Eloqua Discover Package below will only be active once your account has been upgraded to the Salesforce Summer '12 release.  Please check for information about when you will be upgraded.


Install Process - Discover 1.416:

Paste link below into browser window

Log into SFDC

Click Continue

Click Next

Select "Grant Access to Admins Only"

Click Next

Click Install


Link to Discover Package:


Link to Installation Video:


If you have any trouble with the update please do not hesitate to contact Eloqua Support for assistance.

The previously-identified slowness issue has been resolved and all parts of the Eloqua application should be functioning normally now. If you experience any delays, please call the support team at 1.866.327.8764

We have identified that all customers were experiencing slow response times using the Eloqua application between the times of June 6, 2012 9:57 AM EST till June 6, 2012 10:43 AM EST. The development team is currently investigating this issue. Further details will be provided as they are known.

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