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10:00 a.m. EDT



The Eloqua Technology Team has resolved the performance degradation issue that occurred on August 23rd, 2012, between 4:35 am and 5:43 am EDT. Customers would have experienced problems connecting to the application. The application is back online and is now accessible. Thank you for your continued business and patience during this situation.


Root cause:

The problem was isolated to a resource contention within the database tier. The contention was cleared and normal operations were resumed.


Actions to Prevent Future Incidents:

The Eloqua Technology Team is investigating more effective methods to manage database resource contention.

**Update** 14:51**


The Eloqua application has not gone down today, the issue is a current internet outage affecting many ISPs in North America. As a result depending on the routing some websites will fail to resolve.



**Update** 14:28 EDT


A small subset of customers are experiencing problems connecting to the Platform. We believe this to be a routing problem and are trying to determine which areas are affected. Still under investigation and updates will follow.


We area currently experiencing a potential issue for external logins to the Eloqua application. We are actively investigating both the issue and the affected clients. Updates will follow as we learn more.


The server has been restored and the slowness issue is now resolved.


We are currently experiencing an issue with one of our servers. As a result, those whose instances reside on the server will experience some application slowness. We are actively working to resolve the issue and updates will be made available here as we get them.

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