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Update 11:00am BST - we have confirmed that we have a solution in place at our data-centre and the application should now be available for all customers again.

Update 10:24am BST - it has been confirmed that our data centre is experiencing a part outage which is causing partial internet loss preventing access for certain customers. We are escalating with our provider to the highest level and expect a solution very soon.

We area currently experiencing a potential issue for external logins to the Eloqua application. We are actively investigating both the issue and the affected clients. Updates will follow as we learn more.


14:00 EDT

We have fixed the issue related to links on campaign canvas.  Please now continue to edit and build campaigns.  You will notice that the visual links for emails to landing pages and landing pages to forms, will no longer appear.  We are working on a fix for this, and will update customers once it is confirmed.  Your campaigns will not be affected by the absence of these visual links.


Our apologies for this issue.  We will follow-up with more details as we review root cause.


12:24 EDT

The fix mentioned in the resolution below is in the process of being pushed to production. I will update this post once that has been done.


FAQ Added below


We have confirmed an issue related to campaign canvas.  Campaigns with "visual links" between emails to landing pages OR landing pages to forms that have been opened and saved since our service pack on Sunday October 14th, could have other steps in the campaign improperly link.  This could negatively impact the flow of contacts through any active campaigns that have gone through this process.



We advise not to edit or save any campaigns until we implement a fix. If you have saved any campaigns since the Sunday rollout that meet this condition, please double check them to ensure the links are setup correctly.



We expect to have a fix implemented by 12:00PM EST (noon), but this fix will remove the ability to see "visual linking" from emails to landing pages and landing pages to forms until a secondary fix is done at a later time.  Your campaigns will not be affected without these "visual links" during this period.




QUESTION: What do you mean by visual link?

ANSWER: These are the links that connect emails to landing pages and landing pages to forms (see below)


Inline image 3


QUESTION: Does that mean if I have saved a campaign since Sunday October 14th, and I now notice the links in other steps are wrong, that contacts could have gone down the wrong path in the campaign?

ANSWER: Yes some contacts could have flowed down the wrong steps, you should correct the campaign but not edit or save any other campaigns


QUESTION: Can I edit campaigns without landing pages or emails or forms with visual linking?

ANSWER: Until the fix is implemented (12:00PM EST noon), we recommend not editing or saving any campaigns


QUESTION: What if I just preview a campaign but I haven't edited it or saved it since Sunday?

ANSWER: That campaign will not be affected.


QUESTION: How can this happen?

ANSWER: We are working on implementing a fix ASAP, but will review root cause and ensure to get back to our customers


8:34 EDT

We have implemented a fix that has now resolved this issue, and emails are able to be sent via the batch wizard now.



We are currently experiencing an issue where the batch wizard in E9 is not completing. It is hanging on step two of the batch wizard. It is possible to use Program Builder to deploy emails but not the batch wizard. This is being investigated currently and updates will follow as we work towards a resolution.


Below is a video describing how to use program builder to send out emails in the interim.


Also here is a link, if needed, for converting distribution lists to contact lists:


10/16/12 11:53 am EDT


This issue has been resolved as additional services were added.



10/16/12 12:04 am EDT


We are currently working through a backlog where contact uploads and autosynchs are processing slower than normal. We continue to actively investigate this situation, and will update this thread accordingly when new information becomes available. In parallel, we will be adding additional services to help process the remaining queue.


Thank you for your patience.


A Message to Our Customers

Posted by pteshima Oct 1, 2012

It has been three weeks since our September 9th release (also known as R3).  Although the release contained many benefits for our customers, we had both performance and stability issues during the week right after the release. Although these issues were identified and resolved quickly, we are disappointed in our own performance and want to be transparent on what occurred and why. The stability issues around campaign canvas were due to incomplete QA testing processes. Simply put, this was human error. Our team mis-communicated and some of our test cases were not completed as they should have been.  We are adding a better tracking system and establishing new checks and balances so that this type of human error does not happen again.


The performance issues were due to a couple of different factors.  This release introduced a new set of services designed to improve security (including two-factor authentication).  These new services access our shared database services platform and this area of the application was overwhelmed.  While troubleshooting this area last week we discovered that a critical defragmentation routine had been inexplicably turned off, thus further exacerbating the issue.  By turning this routine back on and by re-allocating additional virtual memory, we have been able to return our performance to pre-release levels.  We have taken this opportunity to start a number of new projects to substantially improve performance in key bottlenecks in the application and you will see results from these efforts over the next few months.


In addition, we are adding more resources to both our production environment and QA team, to be more proactive in how to identify and address these types of issues - so they do not impact your use of Eloqua in the future.


We wanted to extend our sincerest apologies, as we know you rely on Eloqua to be the marketing platform for your business, and when our system is not working correctly, you cannot be successful in your marketing efforts.

Thanks for the ongoing support - and thank you for being part of the Eloqua community.


Paul Teshima

SVP Product Management

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