**Update** Thursday, November 12th, 2:16 pm UTC


This process is now completed and the backlog is now cleared.



Eloqua Emergency Communication


We have already emailed the emergency contacts at the organizations that are affected by having events locked in this queue.

A defect has been identified in the 474 Oracle Eloqua Release that can cause some internal events (such as updating/creating leads and contacts) to be randomly locked in outbound CRM integrations. The incident was successfully hot-fixed on Wednesday, October 28th. However, there remains a backlog of internal events that became locked between the time that your Pod received 474 and the fix on October 28th.


Oracle Eloqua plans to address this by allowing the backlog of internal events to run over the weekend starting Friday, November 6th.


  • If you do NOT wish your backlog to run through, and prefer instead that the internal events be purged, please contact your Account Management Representative or Oracle Cloud Support by 12:00 pm ET (UTC -5) Friday, November 6th.
  • If you would like to know how many internal events are in your organization's backlog, please contact your Oracle Cloud Support Team, or your Technical Account Manager if you are an Oracle Cloud Priority Service Customer.
  • Please note, we anticipate moderate performance degradation as the Integration Services process the backlog. We also anticipate the backlog to be clear before Monday, November 9th.


Unless we hear from you, we will proceed with allowing your backlog of internal events to clear starting Friday, November 6th. It’s important to note that all events have been processed within Eloqua, and we re-iterate that this incident only pertains to events that were to be sent outbound to your CRM.