**Update** Friday, June 24th, 11:05 am UTC


The maintenance for POD 7 has concluded successfully.


**Update** Friday, June 24th, 8:53 pm UTC


The maintenance for POD 6 has concluded successfully.


**Update** Saturday, June 25th, 2:23 am UTC


The maintenance for POD 4 has concluded successfully.



Oracle Eloqua Apps Release: Version 223



The Eloqua Apps 'Version 223' Release is on its way. Your Eloqua instance will be seeing the new enhancements on Friday, June 24th, 2016.


The Version 223 rollout starting Friday, June 24th, 2016.


The per pod schedule is as follows:


  • POD 1, 2, 3, 4: Saturday, June 25th from 12am to 5am UTC
  • POD 6: Friday, June24 at 8pm to Saturday, June 25th at 1am UTC
  • POD 7: Friday, June 24th from 10am to 3pm UTC


Profiler and applications hosted at 'apps.p01.eloqua.com' (for Pod 1) ,'apps.p02.eloqua.com' (for Pod 2), etc will not be configurable during the maintenance window.


Please review the supporting resources available in the Topliners Release Resource Center and in the Recent Versions: What's New doc.


If you're not already an Eloqua Insider, you'll need to request access to that group before you can access the Release Resource Center.


To determine your POD:

Log into Eloqua as you normally would.

Look at the browser URL once you are logged in.

Your POD URL has the following format: secure.p01.eloqua for POD 1, secure.p02.eloqua.com for POD 2, etc.